How we helped a global pharmaceutical company to explore a sustainable mobility program.

problem-solution exploration

How we helped a global pharmaceutical company to explore a sustainable mobility program.

problem-solution exploration

sustainable mobility program
sustainable mobility program


Business model innovation



Project duration

6 months

🧐 Challenge

The client, a global leading pharmaceutical company headquartered in Germany, wanted to explore how to transform their global mobility program to send employees to other regions more sustainably. Therefore, the client asked us to run a virtual design thinking session across 3 continents and enable co-creation across different business units. Transformation of customer experience with digital solutions to become more sustainable. 

💡 Activities

As part of an innovation effort, several activities were carried out to gain a deep understanding of the customers and their needs. First, external subject matter experts were found and integrated into the process to add an outside in perspective and inspiration. Customer personas were created to identify the different types of customers and their pain points. An existing customer journey was mapped out to better understand the current customer experience and to define the jobs to be done. 

A virtual workshop was designed and conducted, which included prior tool training for participants. The customer pain points were enriched through a brainstorming approach, which led to the identification of key challenges and opportunities for innovation. 

One of the key activities was the co-creation of an ideal customer journey. This was done by asking three different key questions using a visual storytelling approach. The questions included: "What's the most sustainable customer journey?", "What's the ideal digitalised customer journey?", and "What are possible incentives for customers that don't want to change?" 

Finally, the most promising ideas were identified based on estimated effort and effect. This allowed the team to focus on the ideas that were most likely to have a significant impact on the customer experience and achieve the desired outcomes.


🎉 Results

  • Kick-off for broader sustainable engagement.

  • Cooperation of client and global furniture company for the use of free furniture in the destination country.

  • Digital tours of potential homes.

  • Reduced costs for client company due to less travel and effort prior to employee moving efforts, less shipping of personal goods.

  • More user centric customer journey with less personal stress for customers.

  • A little step into the right direction of tackling the climate crisis.