How we built a global digital sales platform for one of worlds' leading consultancy firms.

Problem exploration - MVP

How we built a global digital sales platform for one of worlds' leading consultancy firms.

Problem exploration - MVP


Business model innovation



Project duration

6 months

🧐 Challenge

The client, a global client serving partner of one of worlds' leading consultancy firms, wanted to enable the sales process on his account with digital solutions.

💡 Activities

Phase 1: Problem & solution exploration

We conducted a series of interviews with the account team and diligently managed stakeholder relationships. Through extensive market research, we identified the need for our solution beyond the initial account, crafting customer personas, journey maps, and defining the crucial jobs to be done. With a clear problem definition in place-to create a digital and engaging sales process for our clients, we engaged in co-creation sessions, generating a multitude of ideas for possible solutions. Through meticulous prioritisation, we determined the most promising concept and took the necessary steps to secure pre-seed funding.

Phase 2: Solution validation

We focused on efficient project management, tracking resource allocation, and fostering an environment to manage the innovation effort. We designed a series of experiments, meticulously testing hypotheses based on the prioritized ideas. Collaborating internally across countries and silos and externally with startups and integrating suitable tech products, we built an ecosystem that enhanced the entire sales process. Ultimately, we developed and validated a compelling proof of concept (PoC). 

Phase 2: Business model validation & PoC building

We shifted our focus towards building a comprehensive business case and model for an AI-based sales platform. Identifying and managing the required skills, we carefully assembled a talented team to develop the Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Through iterative testing and user feedback, we continuously improved the product, adapting our business plan to align with the needs and expectations of the clients end users.  

🎉 Results

  • Transformation of unprecise digital enablement mission to solve most pressing issue (transformation of intended digital enablement of account to company wide innovation effort to create a digitalised a human centric sales process) 

  • Get evidence based buy in from all stakeholders.

  • Get global and local funding with high hundred thousand euro investment.

  • Definition of vision for innovation initiative.

  • Validated ideas to fit market needs Lead of (extended) project team.

  • Creation of proof of concept.

  • Building of minimal viable product.

  • Ecosystem with internal and external innovation tools that engage the end customers in the sales process. 

  • AI based sales platform that incorporates internal and externals solutions to drive human engagement throughout the entire sales funnel with measurable impact of solutions.