How we helped a global bicycle manufacturer to innovate their E-bike value proposition.

Business model innovation

How we helped a global bicycle manufacturer to innovate their E-bike value proposition.

Business model innovation

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sustainable mobility program


Business model innovation



Project duration

6 months

🧐 Challenge

The client, a global bicycle manufacturer, asked us to help creating their B2B business model for the urban e-bike market in Europe. The client experienced an extremely fast rise in demand for B2B E-bikes from quick commerce and food delivery companies. The required E-bike service dynamics for this customer segment was substantially different, forcing the client to create suitable business models.

💡 Activities

Our approach was split up in three phases, which resulted in business model recommendations grounded in a deep strategic understanding of the stakeholder complexity, driving trends, and internal situation. By closely collaborating with our client and co-creating with the end-customer, we build value propositions that most effectively solved the most critical end customer problems.

Phase 1: Starting points for innovation

We conducted in-depth analyses of market, industry, and customer dynamics through tapping into the existing client ecosystem and resources. Analyses led to the identification of key opportunities and threats to consider while innovating business models.

Phase 2: Problem exploration

We conducted a series of interviews with key internal stakeholders to create a deep understanding of the client. Results were benchmarked against a detailed analyses of the competition, which led to the identification of the clients strengths and weaknesses.

Phase 3: Solution exploration

Finally, the internal and external analyses were combined to identify how we can tap into the opportunities and threats while making use of the identified strengths and weaknesses. Using the clients ecosystem, we co-created with potential customers in a lean manner to develop a competitive business models that enable our client to effectively serve this fast growing customer segment.

🎉 Results

  • Deep understanding and relationship building with fast growing B2B E-bike client segment.

  • Identification of key force driving changes (trends) in the urban E-bike market.

  • Analyses and mapping of competition in the urban E-bike industry.

  • Two competitive business models paths.

  • Clear next steps and implementation roadmap.